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Working from home for foreseeable future? 

The good news is you now likely have more time
to take care of your aches and pains with Chiropractic, Massage Therapy,
Shockwave Therapy, Acupuncture, Sports Injury Rehab, Orthotics & Naturopathic Medicine!



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Physiotherapy is a primary care health profession which is dedicated to preventing injury and disease and minimizing impairment, disability and participation restrictions. 

Physiotherapy aims to manage acute and chronic conditions by improving mobility, strength, fitness, health, wellness, physical activity to optimize functional independence and ultimately promote a better quality of life.  Physiotherapy involves a rehabilitative approach using therapeutic interventions including local modalities such as ultrasound, laser, IFC, heat, ice, acupuncture and manual therapy and therapeutic exercise prescription and education to alleviate the injury, prevent re-occurrence or re-injury and minimize functional decline.

Physiotherapy also uses evidenced-based practice to substantiate the need and the type of treatment as well as maintaining professional competencies and ongoing education.

Physiotherapy is grounded in the belief that, to be effective, its services must respond to the changing needs of populations and our health system”  (CPA association website).


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