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Dr. Bita (9am-1:30pm):

February 23rd
March 2nd, 16th, 23rd & 30th

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Naomi Sung RMT

Naomi Sung, RMT

Massage Therapist


Monday by appointment
Wednesday by appointment
Friday by appointment
Saturdays by appointment



Born and raised in Ontario, Naomi grew up in her family's restaurant and then went to school at Ryerson before starting as a Human Resources Professional.  Her experience in the corporate, retail, manufacturing and non profit sectors, and then as full-time mom, allows her to understand the current stresses and demands of executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, amateur athletes, teachers, students, musicians, chefs, gamers, and homemakers.

As an RMT with extensive reflexology training, Naomi is able to help relieve muscle and joint tensions, and also work with the central nervous system via the many reflexes on the feet, hands, ears, face and body. This results in a very thorough approach to help the body relax and improve circulation for its own healing process.

Naomi also speaks Cantonese and loves to learn and help people.

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